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Your Own Twist

No two curls are the same and neither are two curl days. Mix, match and layer with multifunctional products designed to achieve long-lasting styles that move with the pace of life.

Meet Strengthen the Bond™

This hair mask uses TeraBond™ technology to fight breakage and repair the structure of your hair from the inside out

Meet Gimme It All

See how to use this cleansing conditioner in four ways!

Meet Weather Up Gel

Forget the weather report, we’ve got your frizz fighter right here

Meet Curl Reign

We lost track of how many ways to use this magical multitasking oil

Meet Boss Bounce

This HBIC will whip your curls into shape

Meet Hit Reset

You’re one wash away from clarifying your curls without stripping moisture

Meet On Repeat

Cleanse your curls without stripping their natural moisture with our oil-infused shampoo

Meet Weather or Not

It’s the frizz protection… for us – see how our element-defying conditioner seals in moisture to protect your curl definition

Meet Big, Rich & Dreamy

A co-wash with a high slip formula so that even hard-to-reach curls get to feel the love? Say no more

Meet Rally the Curls

Whatever your curls need, this powerful primer has got them covered

Meet Curl Goals

This moisture-locking leave-in conditioner that does it all

Meet Primed & Co

Leave it in as a primer or rinse it out as a conditioner, either way your curls will love the ultimate moisture boost

Meet Weather Up Lotion

Humidity doesn’t stand a chance with this moisturizing lotion

Meet Hype It Up

Perk up lackluster curls with this botanical infused refreshing spray

Meet Feelin' Thirsty

Give your curls a pick-me-up in just a few quick spritzes

Meet So Rich, So Fresh

Save wash day for another day with this invisible do-it all dry shampoo

Meet Glow the Extra Mile

See how to revive your curls with this dry-oil spray

Meet Sunday Feels

Give your curls that special Sunday feeling any day of the week with this ultra hydrating mask

Meet Ready, Set, Bounce

A gel for when your curls are craving that soft, touchable hold- you won’t even know it’s there

Meet Stretch Seeker™

This 3-in-1 styler can be used as a primer, styler, or treatment to provide ultimate moisture for your curls